A Gastronomical Experience In Kangaroo Island

There are many travellers who make their way across to the Kangaroo Island to the enjoy the pristine beaches, surf and have a close encounter with the wildlife on the island. Since of recent, there are new additions to this little quaint island that has grabbed the attention of many other tourists. Kangaroo Island, which is known as KI for short by the locals, is not a destination for captivating flavours of cuisine. The island is close to the fertile farmlands of Southern Australia and its coastline is well known for its seafood dishes.

When you search for 1 day Kangaroo Island tour on the Internet, you will come across cuisine tours as well along with the other tours that the island is known for. There are vineyards and dairy farms, which are abundant of wonderful ingredients that are now drawing out chefs to relocate to the island to start spicing up the restaurants. A day trip to Kangaroo Island is adequate to taste the cuisine that will make your mouth water. However, there are three-days tours available as well which will ensure that you visit each foodie joint in the island.

Gourmet food and wine

The new chefs who come form the big city has brought a big hype into the island with their receipts and knowledge of flavours, which are said to be brought from Melbourne and Sydney’s famous kitchens. If you are looking for gourmet food, with a bottle of wine and wishing to watch the sunset, there are luxury restaurants that will cater to this particular need. This gastronomic experience is unforgettable. Visit https://www.kiguide.com.au/nocturnal-tours for wildlife tours Kangaroo Island.

The local foodies

There are many old families that have built shacks on the island and have been part of the community almost up to hundred years ago. These local families cook up a mean local dish that is one of the most prominent dishes you will taste sending your taste buds on a wild frenzy. There are different experiences as well where you can eat your meal inside an old fig tree.


The beauty of the nature doesn’t stop at the pristine beaches. It continues to the vineyard, which is filled with a variety of Grenache, shiraz, malbec, cabernet franc, Semillon and sangiovese. The equipment used at the vineyard is of highest quality. Then you visit the vineyard you will also get to see how the grape transforms into a bottle delicious alcohol. The unpolluted and fertile environment of KI is a multipurpose place so that one can produce food. You will have many opportunities to make delicious treats and get to eat them as well. There are even dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese and honey being made. Forget the beach for a few hours and visit the gastronomic side of the island!

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